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Management team

The combinations of skills, competencies, and capabilities, strategic and operational know how; is commensurate with the industry we operate in. Thus; a unique platform is created which enables us to provide feasible waste solutions. Our management dexterity enables us to create a world class infrastructure aimed at reducing the human footprint; as well as creating a legacy worth emulating. This company can be considered a valuable role player, and an asset to the waste industry. 


Sumaya Ecksteen: (Administration/Business procurement)

She is an accomplished black business woman; with an established background in the industry, as well as extensive experience in business procurement. Whilst continuously engaging the sector, she branched out and successfully started several waste collection routes. These ventures created numerous opportunities to do business with many medium, small and micro companies across the sector. She has an appealing personality; that sees people naturally gravitate towards her; wanting to do business. It is this attribute that makes her an integral part of our winning team.


Mogamat Allie: (Owner and Financial Director)

Allie has a vast knowledge of waste management solutions and has initiated many waste related programs/projects. Over the years he has built a strong network with clients, suppliers, distributors and professional people in the industry; which in turn contributes to the success of our company. He specializes in the training of efficient methods of waste disposal/treatment. We are naturally pleased to have him on board.


Yushra Manuel: (Managing Director)

Yushra is the managing member of the company and is responsible for overseeing to its daily operations. She has extensive experience and background in both the management and financial sectors, and is comfortable working in both simultaneously, which is often the case. It is this astute acumen that has seen her initiate this new business venture, which we are assured will be a great success.


Donovan Evon: (Regional Manager)

Donovan joined the Matupa team April of 2017.With over 20years of experience in logistics and business management,his main focus will be to improve productivity and efficiency within Matupa, due to the large volumes of waste the company now processes.With Donovans' passion we intend to change the way staff and customers recycle, whilst uplifting the community through innovation.