About us

The recycling industry has proved itself to be a  significant employer.Its capacity to deliver economic and social benefits continues to be  displayed by Matupa Recycling.One of the Western Cape's largest multi-material recyclers with more than  50 direct and 700 indirect jobs created within the informal sector.

We are passionate about creating an independent

greener South Africa, hence 

we value the role local entrepreneurs

play in collectively recovering recyclable materials.

We educate various communities and companies on how to separate recyclables according to their 

different grades and how to store them responsibly until collected.

Every so often we invest in sites with sustainable volumes of recyclables by providing personnel at the site who separate and store materials such as plastic,white paper,newspaper, cardboard, glass and metals.

Thereafter an appointed account manager tailors your service by creating a collection cycle (of storage bins,cages or containers) based on the outcome of a needs analysis which focuses on the type of recyclable materials and their quantity.

* We provide a shredding service for all confidential documents.A destruction certificate is then provided  as proof that the documents have been disposed of accordingly.Strict SHEQ standards and policies are enforced.                   

By partnering with Matupa Recycling your company will reduce its carbon footprint and help create a green South Africa.